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Functional Abilities / Capacity Evaluation

Dynamic Ergonomics uses state-of-the art computerized testing equipment. The system of choice for us is the ARCON system, which has been accepted widely by industry, workers compensation boards and the private sector as the leader in computerized functional testing equipment. We offer various protocols ranging from the standard day assessment to customized assessments based on your needs.


Worksite / Jobsite / Physical Demands Analysis

In preparing return to work plans for injured workers, it is necessary to quantify and verify the demands of the job. A worksite/jobsite analysis objectively quantifies all aspects of a job. A physical demands analysis/description is essentially the same type of assessment with the focus being more on the actual physical tasks of the job.


Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics has been come a buzzword in today's world and for good reason. With a well-thought, developed and implemented ergonomics program, companies can dramatically reduce the number of injuries sustained and ultimately become more productive and competitive. An ergonomic assessment is the place to start. Our team will complete a thorough evaluation of a specific job or task and determine the ergonomic risk associated with performing that job/task, followed by innovative recommendations to correct the problem.


Office Ergonomics - Ergonomics is essentially fitting the working environment to the worker rather than the worker fitting their environment through postural adjustments. It is estimated that 75% of the work completed in the industrialized countries is performed sitting. It is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that your workplace has implemented sound ergonomic principles in the design of the workstations and furniture to eliminate hazards associated with office work. We at DEI, have expansive knowledge on the latest standards with respect to office ergonomics and relish the opportunity to share that knowledge with you or your company. We have completed hundreds if not thousands of ergonomic assessment in the office environment with countless success stories. Wouldn't you like to work more comfortably, be more product or eliminate the risk of developing a nasty ache or pain in your body?

Industrial Ergonomics - It is well understood that force, posture and repetition are all prominent risk factors in manufacturing, processing, mining, health care, etc., but how does a company adequately determine the level of risk? DEI has been using the most up-to-date published analytical tools to assess these and many more risk factors in order to determine the level of risk workers are exposed to while completing their jobs in any environment. We will complete a thorough and comprehensive assessment of all risk factors present, compare them to establish criteria or guidelines to determine the level of risk and then make recommendations to mitigate or control the risk.

Restriction Reviews

At times all companies struggle with injured workers returning back to work. Our company has the expertise to assist in returning workers back to work in a safe and timely manner. We work with all parties to achieve the best possible outcomes for both the worker and the employer. We compare the individual's restrictions as outlined in their medical documents to the physical demands of the tasks the employer wishes for them to perform. We identify which tasks are within their functional ability and those that exceed their functional ability. If possible, recommendations are put forward to modify the work in order for the individual to complete all required tasks.

Training / Education

We offer numerous training and education sessions on a variety of human function/factors topics. Choose between our standard programs or we can customize one to fit your specific workplace. Some programs we offer are:

  • Train the Trainer Industrial Ergonomics
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Office Ergonomic Assessments
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Back Injury Prevention


Lunch n' Learn

The Lunch 'n Learn program enables us to share our knowledge and expertise about ergonomics and human function with your employees in a fun and interactive way. The presentations fit into a lunch hour and are delivered right to your workplace by Dynamic Ergonomic's expert staff. Contact us for more information.


Post-Offer / Pre-Placement Screening

The purpose of pre-placement screening is to determine whether a new employee can safely perform the physical demands of the prospective job. A Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) or the Bona Fide Occupation Demands (BFOD) of the job must be available in order for Pre-Placement Screening to be effective and reliable.

A PPS or POS can be implemented in stages or modules. This modular approach allows the client to implement the necessary screening tools they desire to incorporate the best preventative tools into their disability management process. The modules may include: a medical examination, musculoskeletal examination, an aerobic assessment based on the Modified Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test (MCAFT), and functional testing using a standardized, validated protocol.

"Dynamic Ergonomics has been an integral part of our Ergonomics improvement program at Unimotor. Their expertise in this field has helped us improve our process equipment design and contributed to reducing our MSD related health problems."

Mariano Pacheco, Quality Assurance/Technical Engineering Manager/Safety Officer, Unimotor

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