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No matter how ergonomically correct the workstation is designed musculoskeletal stress can occur if the muscles and other soft tissues are not give ample time to recover or rest. As a general guideline, it is recommended the user of a workstation take a couple of minutes every 30 minute to change position.

There are a number of simple means by achieving rest

  1. Change the task such as breaking up mouse work, keyboarding, looking at the VDT (visual display terminal), changing from sitting to standing or vice versa, etc.
  2. Stretch the muscles
  3. Go to the fax, printer, coffee room, water cooler
  4. Look away from the VDT and focus on something far away

We realize that stretching may not be something that everyone likes to do but it is something that everyone needs to do if your work involves similar tasks on a daily basis.

Watch our stretching video for some great at-the-desk stretches.

"Dynamic Ergonomics has provided excellent quality of assessment and reporting and works to accommodate referrals in a timely manner. Always professional and detailed and a pleasure to work with. Thank You!”

Elizabeth Chow, Manager,  Banyan Work Health Solutions Inc.

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